Amway Bolsters Financial Business System Productivity and Elevates Global Service Levels with NTT Managed Services



Founded in 1959, Amway is an entrepreneur-led health and wellness company based in Ada, Michigan. It is committed to helping people live better, healthier lives—across more than 100 markets worldwide. According to Forbes magazine, it is among the top 50 privately held, family-owned companies in the United States, generating 8.5 billion in revenue. Top-selling brands for Amway are NutriliteTM, ArtistryTM and XSTM energy drinks—all sold exclusively by entrepreneurs who are known as Amway Business Owners (ABOs).

To meet its commitment to providing the highest caliber of service and still be able to take on more strategic growth-oriented projects, the Finance COE team needed an efficient way to augment their capabilities, allowing it to cover daily activities such as bug fixes and upgrades, while freeing existing staff to focus on more value-add initiatives.

Download our case study to learn how NTT partnered with Amway to make their business more secure and productive. 


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