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NTT's Managed Services help enterprises optimize their IT operations and lower costs.


Scalability and Flexibility

No two IT environments are exactly alike, and the cloud gives us the flexibility and scalability to tailor a solution specific to your needs, whether public, private or hybrid cloud.

Cloud First Approach

We deliver instant entry into public, private, or multi-cloud solutions without the cost or effort of infrastructure maintenance and support staff. 

Beyond Cloud

Along with the financial advantages, NTT offers around-the-clock support from teams of experts, enhanced security, industry-leading technologies, flexibility, and more.

Save time and money, access specialized expertise and breathe easy knowing you’re protected by the world’s most secure managed services solutions.

The budget and resource pressures facing your IT organization are greater than ever. Staffing-wise, your team is forced to do more with less – they have to keep up with routine maintenance tasks, while overseeing strategic transformation efforts and keeping up to date on vendor updates and new technologies.

On the infrastructure front, items like hardware refreshes, software licenses and data center costs occupy a massive piece of your budget – expenses that will likely grow as new systems are introduced and upgrades are made available. Not to mention, there are charges such as cloud usage, electricity, cooling systems and a host of other expenses.

Across our clients, cost optimization is always listed among the leading factors that drive them to partner with NTT Managed Services. We help companies around the world boost their levels of efficiency and drive down their IT costs by as much as 50% via our portfolio of world-class, secure managed services solutions.

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"NTT’s managed cloud services allow us to ensure the utmost reliability within our private cloud environment, to meet all compliance requirements and ultimately, to positively impact our clinical patient care.”
VP & CIO, Renown Health

How did NTT help Renown Health reduce IT operations costs by 20% and infrastructure costs by 50%?

NTT's managed services provide the biggest cost reduction in the areas such as software licenses, maintenance, hardware, power and cooling, storage capacity, database capacity and headcount.  

How can we help you save on your IT spend? 
To start, learn more about our IT managed services offerings by visiting our Solutions section or clicking on any of the links listed on the page. You can also fill out the form below to have one of our consultants contact you directly.

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Cost and Operational Efficiency Shouldn't Have to Compete 

Which platform will deliver optimal results while cutting costs? Public, private, or hybrid? We’ll help you decide based on your current environment and requirements, as well your goals for tomorrow. 

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Cloud Assessment and Transformation

Any cloud migration or digital transformation project should start with a thorough review of the current environment and goals going forward. Our Cloud Professional Services team will work with you to perform a detailed evaluation of your needs and then build the right roadmap to ensure a successful cloud journey and ultimate transformation.

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Proven Blueprints and Best Practices

With hundreds of successful cloud migrations under our belt, we know what it takes to help our clients migrate their IT environments to the cloud, even with the most complex requirements and under the strictest of deadlines. We’ll get you where you need to go so you can start reaping the benefits fast.

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Partnering with the Best

Regardless of your cloud platforms: On-premise, Public, Private, Hybrid, or Multi-cloud — we’ll meet you where you are in your cloud transformation journey to integrate and manage your environments with tools and services designed to meet your business requirements. Whether it’s a private, hybrid, or public cloud platform like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform, we have the expertise to manage your infrastructure from end-to-end. 

We are cloud-first; it’s about meeting your business and technology requirements. Bottom line: it’s your cloud, your way. 

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